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There shall be standing committees established to further the mission and facilitate the running of the Club.  Each committee shall establish an annual budget.  Each committee is empowered to establish subcommittees with the approval of the Board



·      A management committee comprised of the Club officers  

o   Develop and maintain Board calendar

o   Agenda for Board meetings

o   Provide strategic oversight and guidance

o   Prioritize deliverables

o   Facilitate decision making



o   Develop and schedule membership activity calendar for the year

o   Organize and conduct member programs and social activities

o               Luncheons & Teas

o                           Engage caterer

o                           Appoint coordinator of the day                     

Reader’s Circle (Literature Group reactivated in 2019)

o   Develop ideas for club activities, new events and special events


o   Maintain and update activity calendar in conjunction with clubhouse calendar



·      Wide range of supervisory and managerial responsibilities required to operate, maintain, and improve buildings and facilities and grounds

o   Manage and approve all club house scheduling

o   Maintain clubhouse calendar in conjunction with membership activity calendar

o   Execute contracts for club house rentals

o   Manage Insurance Coverage

o   Maintain liquor license

o   Manage routine and special housekeeping activities

o   Maintain and repair clubhouse and grounds

o   Manage, design and oversee construction of clubhouse improvements (in cooperation with WCWF)

o   Identify and manage building contractors

o   Purchase building related supplies



o   Establish a public relations and marketing plan

o   Supervise maintenance of the web site & other social media outlets

o   Produce and distribute monthly newsletter

o   Organize, assemble and publish {annual} yearbook/directory

o   Answer media inquiries

o   Publicize WCW activities


Community Service:

o   Re-establish WCW as a community hub by connecting others to information and services available in the area

o   Create partnerships with other non-profits

o   Establish and foster relationships with Chamber and local businesses

o   Propose charitable and civic initiatives and oversee approved activities

o   Support WCW’s strategic, charitable & philanthropic goals

o   Facilitate donations of money or space



o   Develop and organize all fundraising activities

o   Establish friendraising approach

o   Coordinate with Woman’s Club of Wilmette Foundation



·      Led by the Treasurer

o   prepare the annual budget

o   periodically review the budget

o   Work with the auditor on the annual audited financial statements, tax returns and other tax matters such as audits when necessary

o   File tax returns and other tax-related filings

o   insurance coverage



o   Identify, recruit, and nominate potential Board candidates

o   Plan and coordinate the orientation of new Board members

o   Provide continuing Board development.  Coordinate, assess, and take action when necessary regarding Board performance and its needs

o   At the April Board meeting:

§  Present a slate of Directors up for re-election or election;

§  Nominate the Executive Officers of the Board for the next fiscal year.

o   Maintain a list of Membership of the Board, including each Director’s term of office.

o   Review by-laws every 2-3 years and manage update process



o   Recruit new Club members

o   Plan and coordinate the orientation of new Club members

o   Help with member profile activation

o   Facilitate collection of dues

o   Coordinate small group welcome gatherings

o   Assist new members with committee selection

o   Maintain membership database

o   Organize care of established members